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Holiday Weather

If you're about to travel abroad or go on holiday, what better way to begin the countdown than to check the weather in your destination? This information helps you decide what clothes to wear, and friends and colleagues always like to know that you're just days away from 90 degrees with 10 hours of sun a day....!

And if you haven't booked, you can use the links to check to see what sort of holiday weather you're likely to be enjoying when you go.

Our four favourite holiday weather websites are:

The weather channel - only launched in early 2002, this the UK version of 'the' US weather site. Great 10-day holiday weather forecasts, complete and summary statistics for each month of the year. But, if you're going to the US, use the American version.

BBC - gives you access to 5,000 worldwide 5-day holiday weather forecasts, UK weather, even a message board and weather chat room! Or, if you have digital TV, press the red button on BBC1, click the 'full weather selection' option at the bottom of the screen and you can view 5-day forecasts for all major holiday destinations.

The Met Office - the granddaddy of all UK weather sites, its focus is the UK and Europe. A strangely addictive site with much, much more detail than most people will ever need.

Skiclub - designed for skiers, the web site of the Ski Club of Great Britain has holiday weather information covering 250 resorts in Europe (including Scotland) and North America. See historic snow reports, a 5-day forecast, snow news or see the conditions live via their webcams.

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